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If a Priest makes a request of the Faithful Navigator and his Assembly to participate in a ceremony or Mass of the Parish, it is the decision of the Faithful Navigator to accept or decline, based on membership participation for the event. However, we must remember that it is very important to support the wishes of the Priest. In such instances as this, the District Master does not need to be contacted to coordinate this event. However, I ask that you notify your Marshal. He is available to assist in any way if requested.

If a request comes in from a family, due the death of a brother, Fourth Degree or not, this request should be honored. It is also allowed to have an Honor Guard for the deceased immediate family members of a brother Knight. The key word is IMMEDIATE. We must ensure that the details are worked out with the Parish Priest. It is also perfectly acceptable to have an Honor Guard for one who will be interned in a columbarium.   Again, you must work out the details with the Parish Priest.

On the other hand, if a request for the Forth Degree is made at a Regional or Diocesan level (usually through the Bishop); the District Master needs to be notified before a commitment is made.

The request for installation of Assembly Officers and to do the Renewal of Obligations must come through the District Master. It is his responsibility to either preside at these ceremonies or appoint someone to act on his behalf.

 Although we want to participate as much as we can, we must also be sensitive to the time sacrifices made by our Sir Knights. It is almost always a good idea to solicit assistance from nearby Assemblies.

Color Corps Commanders must know and follow the proper Color Corps protocol as currently called out in the Color Corps Drill Manual. The excuse this how we always have done it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.   There is no excuse for not having access to the Drill Manual. It is on the State website under the 4 Degree section and can be downloaded and printed out. Or you can print it out here:


   New Drill Manual Flip Book  
or   PDF Format